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Västerträffen Seniorerna

Challenge to maintain the level and develop activities when the club grows

The pensioners’ club Västerträffen Seniorerna in Gothenburg has been playing bridge in ever growing numbers for six years. After having started with around 5 tables, they now have between 16 and 18 a week. They now play twice a week and have been using Bridgetime Score for a year. Thorsten Hagman, chair of Västerträffen Bridge, explains why they chose Bridgetime Score.

– Maintaining the level and developing activities when the club grows has its challenges. It requires the active involvement of several members to manage club activities, and this is time-consuming when results are reported manually with paper reports and Excel documents. Therefore, we needed an easily manageable, efficient digital reporting system that would also give club members data for their own analyses and comparisons of results. It is also important to us to be able to get skilled help fast when we need it.

– We chose Bridgetime Score and are very happy with it. It has turned out that Bridgetime Score more than delivers everything we needed from a digital system. As Bridgetime Score is user-friendly and requires no prior knowledge of bridge scoring, we now have another three tournament directors in the club. “We are now four alternating tournament directors and can now manage a tournament with 15 minutes’ preparation and 15 minutes of work afterwards, with detailed results available on the web immediately for our members.

– The transition from an analogue system to a digital one has also been appreciated by the members. They now enter contracts, opening leads and results on a tablet, and after each round they can see their results in comparison with other tables that played the board.

– We also like the fact that Bridgetime Score offers many different types of game and result reporting methods. When we start our autumn bridge games, we will compete in three different experience groups (A, B and C), although we will play together at the same time in the same tournament and all pairs will play against each other, regardless of their experience group. This is made possible by using Bridgetime Score’s Strata* mode, which can calculate the results for each experience group.

* Strata comes from Latin and means roughly ‘divide into comparable classes’.

SPF Seniorerna Järfälla

It is an advantage to have a scoring system that also handles cashless tournament fees

The pensioners’ club SPF Seniorerna in Järfälla plays bridge two days a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. There are 10-12 tables on Tuesdays, and 6-8 tables on Fridays. Each group has its own tournament director. This is what Gustav Appelquist, one of the tournament directors on Fridays, says about Bridgetime Score and Bridgetime Pay.

– I am the tournament director for a group of around 40 pensioners who play bridge once a week. I also play myself.

– I had my doubts about Bridgetime when I first came into contact with the system. We had a good system for scoring and reporting the results in Excel, and I thought it would be hard for some of the pensioners to enter the results on a tablet.

– When I read a little more about Bridgetime, I came across the financial part, Bridgetime Pay, and realised how good it would be to avoid managing cash, doing the accounting and feeding notes into the ATM.

– Our club decided to test Bridgetime and it turned out virtually all the players were able to enter the results without much difficulty. When the game was over for the day, the results were also calculated and I was spared the hour or so it takes to enter the results manually.

– I have also played with other database-based systems with data entered via tablets and have found that, as far as I know, Bridgetime is the most complete system. This is because, in addition to the scoring part, it also manages various movement schedules and the financial part I mentioned before.

– Things can always go haywire with incorrect results being entered or the card boards being reversed so that the wrong card is played, and sometimes this can cause such big problems that a deal has to be cancelled. Handling this manually involves a lot of work but with Bridgetime it is easy to adjust it straight after the game is over.

– After having used Bridgetime for six months, we discovered opportunities for further improving it with clearer reporting, easily accessible tournament schedules, improved manuals, etc. We appreciate that the representatives of Bridgetime have been open to our proposals for changes.


Both the treasurer and members are glad to have eliminated cash

Växjöbridgen is one of the biggest bridge clubs in Sweden and a member of Svenska Bridgeförbundet, the Swedish bridge association. Växjöbridgen has its own 260 m2 premises with room for 30 tables, and has around 300 members. They play two tournaments a day, three days a week, just over 10,000 players a year in total. They have been using Bridgetime Pay since January 2017 and have two tablets for paying tournament fees and for extras like coffee and cake. Glenn Nilsson, club chairman, explains why they chose Bridgetime Pay.

– Bridgetime Pay has saved the club treasurer a lot of work. Managing large quantities of cash is also a risk if someone finds out about it, and it is a relief for the treasurer to eliminate the risk of theft and the related stress.

– For the players, it is also a big advantage as they no longer need to take cash to tournaments. Members deposit say SEK 500 in their club account and when they come to the tournament premises they just need to register and approve the payment on the club’s tablet. Coffee and any snacks are also managed cashlessly in Bridgetime Pay.

– We can’t imagine going back to cash at Växjöbridgen.


Bridgetime Score lets members develop as bridge players

Växjö Golfklubb was founded in 1959 and the club has around 1,530 members. One of the club committees, the Oldboys committee, started playing bridge in the winter after the end of the golf season. This is what Per Sassner, one of the match directors, says about Bridgetime Score.

– 20 or so players registered in the first season, half of whom were absolute beginners at bridge. It was a challenge to get started with so many beginners, and we managed it by using the book ‘We play bridge 1’, with its CD and boards for the PC. Everyone practised at home, and at the club we played prepared boards according to the book.

– To develop our bridge with calculation of board results and comparison of how others were playing the boards, we trialled Bridgetime Score at the end of the spring season in 2018. The trial went so well that in autumn 2018 we introduced pairs tournaments using Bridgetime Score.

– Everyone quickly learned how to use the tablets to enter contracts, opening leads and results. The players like seeing how others played the board after each one. This gives rise to instructive discussions between the players, which is good from the point of view of learning. The players also find it exciting to see their position in the tournament during the game, and they like the fact that the final results are shown on the tablet immediately after the tournament.

– The chance to see results, boards and how others played the boards at home on your PC afterwards is also good for our development as bridge players.

– Everything went so well that the Oldboys committee continued to use Bridgetime Score and is now in its second year.

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