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What is Bridgetime Pay?

Bridgetime Pay is a system for cashless management of a bridge club’s tournament fees.

  • All the players at the club have a club account.
  • Players’ club accounts are debited when they play a tournament.
  •  Players’ club accounts are credited when they make an advance payment to the club.

Does this mean that the tournament director does not need to collect tournament fees?

Yes. Players are responsible for ensuring they have money in their club accounts. Players can view their balance at any time online.

How does the tournament director check payments?

On their display, the tournament director sees all payments and the players who will pay the tournament fee in cash.

What happens if a player’s club account has a deficit?

The club can issue members credit. The club decides the amount of credit, which is usually one or two tournament fees. If all credit has been used up, a player must pay cash to the tournament director, who then deposits it in the club’s bank account.

How do players make an advance payment?

A bank transfer to the club’s bank account is the most common method. This also costs the club nothing.

How can the players see their transactions in the club account?

Players can see all their advance payments, tournament fees paid and club account balance online.

How do players know when they need to top up their club account?

The balance of the club account is displayed after each payment. Players also receive an automatic email notification when their club account balance has fallen below a value determined by the club, usually one or two tournament fees, or when their club account has a deficit.

Can guests have a club account?

The club can give a club account to all players who want one, for example players who come regularly.

Can some players continue to pay in cash?

Yes, if the club so permits, some players can continue to pay the tournament fees in cash. The tournament director collects the fees and deposits them in the club’s bank account.

Does this make the work of the club treasurer easier?

Yes. With Bridgetime Pay, the club treasurer automatically receives journal vouchers ready for accounting for any period.

Can the club extract tournament statistics?

Yes, all payment data can be exported to Microsoft Excel for further processing.

Where are the players’ club accounts saved?

The players’ club accounts are saved securely in the cloud, accessible only to the players and certain club officials.

What does Bridgetime Pay cost?

The club only pays for Bridgetime Pay when it arranges tournaments (pay-as-you-go). Prices are available on our price page. There are no other fees. The fee includes new versions and support.

What does the club need to invest in?

The club needs a 10-inch tablet (Android or iOS) or a computer connected to the internet. This is used by the players to pay tournament fees before the tournament starts.

Can the club be given a demonstration of Bridgetime Pay?

Yes, send an email to or call Roland on +46 70-638 10 50 for an online demonstration of the system.

More information

If you want to know more about Bridgetime Pay, book a demonstration of the system. Feel free to contact us via our contact form and we will get back to you.

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