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Bridgetime Score handles the whole tournament from setup, registration and games to results – all in the same system. Bridgetime Score calculates results for all types of bridge tournament and is perfect for both small and large clubs.

A complete web-based scoring system

Just four clicks to start a tournament

The tablet or the mobile control the game

Movement instructions

Results are displayed immediately

Many different types of game

Support for all scoring methods

A good overview of tournaments in the tournament calendar

Team league tournaments and IMP across the field in a team tournament with Bridgetime Score


This is how easy it is for a club to get started with Bridgetime Score

  1. 1
    The club takes out a subscription to Bridgetime Score. The subscription has no minimum term. The price is a fee of EUR 0.50 per player per tournament.
  2. 2
    The club chooses whether they want to play with tablets, mobiles or Bridgemate devices.
    - One tablet per table is needed. The tablets can be owned by the club or lent by the players.
    - One or more charging stations for simultaneous charging of 10 tablets are required.
    - Internet is needed in the premises. This may be via the club’s own broadband service, mobile broadband or a member’s smartphone with a data allowance.
    - One mobile per partnership or player is needed. The mobile accompanies the partnerships/players from table to table, and the players can easily use their own mobile phones.
    - No separate internet connection is needed in the premises as the mobiles are already connected to the internet.
    Bridgemate devices
    - The club’s Bridgemate devices are used.
  3. 3
    The tournament director needs a tablet or a computer to conduct the tournament, when tablets or mobiles are used. When using Bridgemate devices, a computer connected to the Internet is required to lead the tournament.
  4. 4
    Training for the tournament director and additional assistance are included free of charge.
  5. 5
    One or more charging stations for simultaneous charging of 10 tablets per station.

Free training

We train the club’s directors free of charge. Training takes around three hours. We also attend the club’s first tournament via internet.

Training is usually on the same day as the first tournament. Before the training, we at Bridgetime Systems will have imported the club’s members in Bridgetime Score based on an Excel file that you have received from us and completed. The director at the first tournament is one of the club’s ordinary directors, who is assisted by staff from Bridgetime Systems.

Members are trained in how to use the tablets at the first tournament. Using the tablets is intuitive and uncomplicated, and after a few rounds all players will be comfortable using it.


Bridgetime Score uses the latest technology

Bridgetime Score is a web-based system, which gives clubs many advantages. Instead of needing to install or download software to the club’s computer, Bridgetime Score is used via a web browser on a tablet or a computer. So the bridge club avoids the work and costs involved for its own computer, purchasing, installation and software upgrades, etc. Bridgetime Score is subject to continuous maintenance and development, and new versions are installed immediately at no cost to the club. Bridgetime Systems takes care of everything for you!

Bridgetime Score works in any browser and on all operating systems (Apple IOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS).

Bridgetime Score and Bridgemate

Bridgetime Score is one of many scoring software integrated with Bridgemate. However, Bridgetime Score differs from the other scoring programs in that it is the only web-based scoring program.

High data security

Bridgetime Score has high data security, with dual servers, dual firewalls, dual data storage with standby hard drives, etc. Bridgetime Score is backed up every day. The entire operating environment is monitored continuously every minute from various locations worldwide. Bridgetime Score is available 24/7/365.


We like to share our experience so that you and your bridge club are well prepared when you decide to introduce a digital scoring system. Unlock the article by completing a short form.

The six major frustrations with bridge scoring systems

Many bridge clubs score tournament results manually or use older scoring software. These scoring systems create frustration at bridge clubs and may even impede a club’s development.

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